The curriculums will be organized around topics, which reflect the interests and the developmental needs of the children.


These topics will include some of the following:


Number and letter recognition in English & Spanish


Community workers


Emotional development


Four seasons

Five senses



Children from other cultures

Environmental concerns


The curriculums will include materials, which are non-sexist, non-stereotyping and non-discriminating.


There will be opportunities for each child to explore, to wonder, and to reason in our classroom settings.


There will be opportunities for each child to learn about the physical well being of his/her body by following good health habits and by eating nutritious foods served at the Center. Safety drills will be practiced monthly.


A weekly schedule will be prepared and should include the following:


Indoor and outdoor play, large and small motor activities, teacher planned activities and the child’s spontaneous activities, time for active play, and time for resting, opportunities for the teacher to work with an individual child.

Activities, materials and equipment will be developmentally appropriate for the children.


Well-equipped classrooms with learning centers are designed to help young children through discovery and play. As an outdoor center, the playground gives children opportunities to develop their motor skills.


Creative activities are offered to give each child opportunities for self-expression and for good social relationships. Among these will be the following:




 Developmentally appropriate activities.


We incorporate our lessons through the Frog Street and Scholastic Curriculum.




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Texas School Ready Program

TSR or Texas School Ready is a PreKindergarten Program through Collaborations for Children. This is in our PreK Foundations and PreK II classes.


HISD Young Learners School

We also have a collaboration with HISD Young Learners PreKindergarten Program. This program is contracted through our center where HISD provides and certified teacher to come into our center to educate our students based off the Frog Street Curriculum. The classes are morning and afternoon. It is exactly like being in a regular HISD PreK class, except the classroom ratios are smaller, there are 2 teachers in the classroom and there is more one on one time if needed.


Experience In Dance

Experience In Dance is a dance company owned by Ms. Kathy Johnson a dance instructor at Texas Southern University that provides various types of dance styles for ages 2-12 that can participate at an additional but affordable cost. The dance team will have two recitals one at the hoilday dinner and the other at Pre K graduation. See the front office staff for more details and information.