Pre K 1 and 2 (HISD Young Learners)

All Aboard the Pre Kindergarten Train...



Prekindergarten is a time when children are making connections between what they know and what they are learning. As they leave the world of preschool and head towards kindergarten, children are learning to participate in routines, demonstrate ability to make decisions, and plan ahead. Daily activities are designed to help children continue to make decisions on their own and in the classroom. We prepare them for the next stage of their education while giving them a place to feel comfortable and safe to explore their interests.

HISD Young Learners Program or YLS is another program that our center partners with. This is a stand alone program that provides a certified teacher from HISD to teach in our center. Our Children’s learning and intellectual growth are affected by the specific experiences they have in a preschool classroom.  Young Learners School implements the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines. This  program also provides our children with the opportunity of a smaller teacher to student ratio, progress reports and report cards; they are in a regular HISD school setting.

We have setup social distancing stations to ensure our students are limiting interactions with other students and staff. Our staff will be monitoring all students progress during virtual learning.